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The Phoenix Difference constitutes a carefully tailored program and recovery experience defined by research

The Phoenix Difference

The Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Centers are driven by the guiding mission statement: “Empowering individuals and families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders, to celebrate life through lasting solutions.” We accomplish the therapeutic and healing experience through a continuum of care that begins with Residential Treatment and traverses across a Day Program, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), to General Outpatient (GOP). Lastly, the continuum of care culminates in a weekly group Alumni Support Meeting, which provides a therapy and recovery support community to sustain the recovery capital of The Phoenix Alumni and provide long-lasting solutions.

Residential Treatment

For those who are chemically dependent or experiencing intense withdrawal, Residential Treatment is often necessary to provide the medical and psychological treatment associated with detoxing from any addiction, including painkiller addiction.

(PHP) Day Program

The Day Program is a vital component of recovery in order to provide adequate support for those people who are striving to live life with its corresponding stresses.

(IOP) Intensive Outpatient

The Intensive Outpatient Program is an evening outpatient drug rehab program that provides support to the recovering people to gain insight into their disease management.

(GOP) General Outpatient

General Outpatient is a step down from the IOP to what is deemed clinically adequate. Individuals in this outpatient drug rehab program continue to work with their therapists and counselors to ensure success.

Customized Programs For Individual Needs

The Phoenix Difference constitutes a carefully tailored program and recovery experience defined by research. Every effort is directed at supporting outcomes that prepare patients and their families with both the knowledge and applied behaviors to manage the disease of addiction and/or mental health disorders and to reclaim a meaningful life free from substance abuse.

Patients and families who engage in The Phoenix recovery experience through our continuum of care, learn and develop both recovery and disease management skills. Moreover, patients and family members begin to identify, define, and achieve stability in their pursuit of a meaningful life. As a result, self-confidence embodies the emotional and cognitive condition of our patients and family members. Patients and their family members enjoy and save relationships that begin to be healed. They also celebrate the fact that dreams are being redefined through realistic applied behaviors that are motivated by meaning pursuits supported by recovery based support systems.

We regard the trust to provide care for those striving to improve the quality of their lives as being central to all our objectives. We ensure patient privacy in every recovery program. We are confident that our staff and clinical program provides the best opportunity for our patients to reclaim a life of sobriety, well-being, and meaning fulfillment. We provide a community that gives patients the opportunity to be part of a group of people who understands them. We continually strive to empower individuals and families suffering from substance abuse addiction and emotional disorders to celebrate life through lasting solutions. We invite you to call or visit if you have any questions or want to learn more about us and our opportunities for hope and recovery.

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