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Day Treatment – Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Intensive Outpatient Day Program offers a customizable schedule Monday through Friday. The Day Program is a vital and necessary component of recovery in order to provide adequate support for those early in recovery who are striving to apply disease management skills and striving to live life with its corresponding stresses (e.g., job, school, family, social affiliations, and recreation). The tailored blend of pharmacological (medication) interventions & assistance, experiential experiences, therapeutic education, and process groups combined with individual therapy provides the recovery support to assist the recovering person to manage their recovery and engage in life pursuits.

For those who are assessed in the initial intake as using or abusing, but whom it is determined that chemical dependency does not exist along the five dimensions (e.g., tolerance, withdrawal, drug seeking, manage amount of use, and persistent use despite negative consequence) to warrant Residential Treatment, the Intensive Outpatient Services, Day Program, may be deemed appropriate. Additionally, those who have stabilized in the Inpatient Residential Program, having progressed medically and psychologically, it is determined that enough brain and body healing has occurred to warrant stepping down to a lower level of care. As a result, they enter the Intensive Outpatient Day Program.

Research indicates that when the recovering person has achieved sobriety and wellness in an institutional setting and immediately re-enters life without adequate recovery support, relapse often occurs. As a result, decreasing treatment exposure commensurate with increasing life becomes an essential part of treatment across the continuum of care. This is why it is strongly recommended that from a residential treatment experience individuals step down to a day treatment program. This level of care provides the necessary recovery support while the recovering person acclimates back into life.

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The Phoenix Difference

Perhaps the most profound aspect of the Phoenix Difference is our approach. While we are extremely deliberate in educating and supporting the client in disease management and better equipping them with the skills of developing a stable recovery capital experience, our focus distinguishes us as unique. Our focus is centered upon the spiritual meaning making, seeking, and fulfillment aspects of the human experience. Critical to the health, wellness, and thriving in the human condition is the process of having the “inner ear,” the capacity to discover what one believes in themselves and life, to draw upon gifts, strengths, and support systems to pursue those goal directed meaning pursuits. To this end, our treatment is extremely individualized, with treatment objectives being largely defined by those awakenings and pursuits that exist within each client.

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