Inpatient Drug Rehab

We offer residential inpatient treatment that has been proven to positively impact our patients in overcoming addiction.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

For those who are assessed upon intake as chemically dependent, an inpatient drug rehab program is often necessary to provide the medical and psychological treatment associated with detoxing and dealing with the early challenges associated with withdrawal. Our Addictionologist, in concert with the clinical team and program staff combine their professional skills to provide clinical interventions that have proven to be most effective in supporting those who have become chemically dependent.

What to Expect From Our Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

At The Phoenix RC, we provide live in 24-hour coed inpatient drug rehab program facilities and male inpatient drug rehab program facilities. Thus, our inpatient facilities is gender specific in the early stages of post acute withdrawal in order to focus upon gender specific factors essential in early recovery. Essential aspects of our inpatient drug rehab program is to address psychiatric and medical concerns that may require pharmacological support (e.g. depression, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, etc.), as well as to educate both client and family members about the disease of addiction and disease management, brain and psychological healing, recovery capital, as well as begin to be more aware of community based oriented systems of care that support those in recovery. All in all, the rehabilitation benefits can help create a positive impact on our patients.

How Long is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Rehabilitation varies from person to person. There is no set period of time for completing treatment. Furthermore, our inpatient drug rehab program provides customized care to each individual to help them find better success in their road to recovery.

It is within the inpatient drug rehab residential segment of care that those in early recovery gain insight and develop coping skills through clinically driven experiential activities, educational groups, and clinically driven process groups. As participants are exposed to new and unique, sensory rich, emotional laden experiences with an element of perceived risk, they begin to acquire recovery capital that further supports sustained sobriety and vital life skills. Therapeutic exposure includes meeting with master’s level clinicians two times a week and meeting once a week with a substance abuse counselor. Recovery efforts are supported by the 12 Steps of AA, where key principles characterize each patients efforts to manage the disease of addiction and pursue a life of meaning and purpose.

Inpatient Program Locations

Men’s Inpatient Program

Men’s Residential Center – South Jordan, Utah

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Co-Ed Inpatient Program

Co-Ed Residential Center – South Jordan, Utah

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