Admissions Process

The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC.

Assessment and Clinical Support

Often, one of the first concerns the family and those seeking clinical support ask is: “What level of care or support is needed?” Do we need a medical assisted detox? Or: Does my psychiatric condition and or Chemical Dependency require a residential setting to stabilize and create better pharmaceutical management? Do I need residential, a day program, or intensive outpatient? Or: Is the nature of my challenges best supported by attending a session or two a week with an individual therapist? What is essential in these questions is that both the family members and those individuals seeking support feel that the treatment provider utilizes a standardized professional assessment tool in order to make the best recommendation based upon medical and clinical necessity.

The initial assessment is made in order to determine what level of care is needed and best meets the patient’s circumstances. The assessment achieves this by considering multiple concerns: For those struggling with chemical dependency, the assessment identifies treatment considerations across a continuum from use, abuse, and addiction. For mental health disorders and concerns, the assessment identifies mental health issues from mild, moderate to severe. Additionally, all potential patients are assessed for current degrees of stress and life circumstances, social support, access to care, and other issues which are critical to understand in order to provide the highest standard of care.

The Phoenix Recovery Center General Outpatient

We have professional and compassionate admissions personal who assist in the initial questions who guide and support both family members and those desiring treatment support. Call now with questions or support, we are prepared to take your call.