Tricare Covered Drug Rehab for Veterans

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Tricare: Covering Rehab for Veterans

Veterans face many challenges in returning to civilian life after military service or deployment. Many of those challenges stem from the psychological trauma that follows war and lead to alcohol and drug abuse. If you are a veteran struggling with drug abuse, The Phoenix Recovery Center offers resources and rehab centers for veterans covered by Tricare.

Veterans And Addiction

Tricare Covered Drug Rehab

Studies show a strong link between those who experienced combat violence and those with substance abuse problems. According to the US Department of Veteran Affairs, 1 in 10 veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have an alcohol or drug problem

Many who serve in the military are diagnosed with PTSD due to the trauma they face and they turn to alcohol or other drugs to cope. Those who misuse substances also tend to develop PTSD. Other common factors in the life of a veteran that could lead to drug abuse include:

The transition from military to civilian life can be a difficult one but with treatment and therapy, you can return to a meaningful life again.

What Drug Rehab for Veterans Looks Like at The Phoenix?

With the help of a veterans rehab center like The Phoenix, you will get specialized help for the unique circumstances surrounding your life and addiction. Through Tricare, drug rehab is covered with The Phoenix. We offer residential inpatient treatment to give you the medical and psychological treatment you need to make it through withdrawal and detox. Other addiction recovery services include general and intensive outpatient drug rehab and medication-assisted treatment

Along with Tricare’s drug rehab coverage, the mental health services at the Phoenix are also covered by your insurance. Pairing our addiction recovery and mental health services will help you get the most out of your time at The Phoenix.

Phoenix Recovery Experience

Veterans and their families who choose The Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Centers will learn and develop both disease-management skills and the skills to find addiction recovery. We also teach our patients and their family members how to focus on identifying, defining, and achieving stability in their pursuit of a meaningful life and support them in their journey. Through the tools and services we provide and their own efforts, patients and their family members can achieve improved emotional and mental health. 

The Phoenix Difference

The Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Centers are driven by this guiding mission statement: “Empowering individuals and families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders to celebrate life through lasting solutions.”

The Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Centers carefully tailors our addiction treatment services to fit your circumstances, which are all based on a foundation of research. We make every effort to support the treatment outcomes that prepare patients and their families to manage addiction or other mental health disorders and reclaim a meaningful life with repaired relationships. Our purpose is to equip those we help to overcome drug abuse with knowledge and applied behaviors that they need to continue on to success, even after they’ve completed our rehab for veterans programs.

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