Residential Treatment

Individualized Treatment Programs for Mental Illness and Mental Health Disorders

Assessment for Mental Health Disorders

Before a treatment program can occur, it’s important that we properly assess you or a loved one. With mental health disorders, the assessment identifies mental health issues from mild, moderate and severe.

Additionally, all patients are assessed for current degrees of stress and life circumstances, social support, access to care, and other issues which are critical to understand in order to provide the highest standard of care.

Our standard includes six levels of care progressing from residential treatment to our monthly alumni meeting. Below we discuss the first level, residential treatment.

Residential Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC. provides excellent support to those who are challenged by or suffering from mental health disorders. It is important to note that we do NOT provide acute medical residential treatment for psychiatric stabilization. The Phoenix is partnered with some of the best psychiatric centers on the Wasatch Front. We make sure that you are taken care of if, upon assessment, it is determined that acute medical, (Psych ward) residential treatment is needed.

When someone has stabilized from an acute medical milieu, or if that milieu wasn’t deemed medically necessary, The Phoenix offers a Residential level of care that allows one to smoothly transition into a safe residential environment while receiving 24 hour a day care.

Importantly, after we intake a patient into our mental health residential treatment center, we closely monitor the patient during their inpatient experience to ensure the proper transition and placement into the level of care upon residential discharge. Patients may then enter the more intensive outpatient program receiving up to 22 hours of weekly support (Partial Hospital Program–PHP) or the less intensive 10 hours of outpatient support (Intensive Outpatient–IOP) upon discharge from inpatient care.

Onsite Fitness & Recreation Center 

The Phoenix Recovery Center features an onsite Fitness & Recreation Center available to our residents who would like to exercise or maybe just unwind. By staying physically active, our residents restore their physical and mental health and improve their chance of recovery.

  • Residential Fitness and Recreation Center
  • Residential Fitness and Recreation Center
  • TPRC Residential Fitness and Recreation Center
  • TPRC Residential Fitness and Recreation Center
  • TPRC Residential Fitness and Recreation Center
  • TPRC Residential Fitness and Recreation Center
  • TPRC Residential Fitness and Recreation Center

Recovery Capital

During each level of care, The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC. provide recovery capital, which is a form of education and skill development to aid in sustained recovery. This recovery capital is accomplished through four types of therapy: medical intervention & pharmacological impact, individual therapy, group therapy, and recreational therapy.

Furthermore, the three specific areas of recovery capital that we at The Phoenix Recovery Center found will give you the best tools for lasting success include: personal capital, family and social capital, and community recovery capital.

First, personal recovery capital focuses on basic wellness–financial resources, housing situation, access to transportation, etc.–as well as psychological aspects of developing your dreams, hopes and beliefs for a meaningful life.
Next, relationship recovery capital focuses on family and social relationships and the level of support the patient has outside of The Phoenix Recovery Center.

Lastly, community recovery capital focuses on local resources—such as vocational rehab, schools, employment, access to support groups, etc.—that support patients during their treatment transitions and beyond.

By growing in recovery capital, the more stable your overall recovery process/treatment will be.

The Phoenix Difference

The Phoenix Recovery Center is driven by the guiding mission statement of: “Empowering individuals and families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders, to celebrate life through lasting solutions.” We accomplish the recovery experience through a continuum of care that begins at our Residential Treatment facility and traverses across a Day ProgramIntensive Outpatient (IOP), to General Outpatient (GOP). Lastly, the continuum of care culminates in a weekly Alumni Support Meeting, which provides a recovery support community to sustain the recovery capital of The Phoenix Alumni.

To make the claim as one of the top Mental Health recovery facilities in Utah, one must identify that they possess the knowledge & expertise of the disease of mental health and integrate that expertise and understanding of the science of recovery. At The Phoenix, we do make that claim! Our body of medical & clinical professionals know and understand the biological and psychological science that support treatments in trauma, emotional disorders, behavioral mental health and other mental health concerns.

Perhaps the most profound aspect of the Phoenix Difference is our approach. While we are extremely deliberate in educating and supporting the client in disease management and better equipping them with the skills of developing a stable recovery capital experience, our focus distinguishes us as unique. Our focus is centered upon the spiritual meaning making, seeking, and fulfillment aspects of the human experience. Critical to the health, wellness, and thriving in the human condition is the process of having the “inner ear,” the capacity to discover what one believes in themselves and life, to draw upon gifts, strengths and support systems to pursue those goal directed meaning pursuits. To this end, our treatment is extremely individualized, with treatment objectives being largely defined by those awakenings and pursuits that exist within each client.

Lasting Solutions to Treat
Mental Health Disorders


At The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC. patients and families experience the kind of recovery support which heals, restores hope, and creates shared purpose.

Depending on your specific plan benefits, your insurance may cover all, or some of your mental health treatment at The Phoenix Recovery Center LLC. Please contact us or your insurance company to verify plan benefits.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental illness and health disorder.

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