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The Clear-Cut Statistics on Cocaine

Cocaine—also known as coke, blow, crack, or rock—is a powerful and incredibly addictive stimulant made from the leaves of the coca plant native to South America. The effects from snorting, smoking or injecting the drug include short-term euphoria and energy as well as dangerous side-effects that are life-threatening.   It may not [...]

Addiction Recovery Playlist

Here are three addiction recovery playlists. All of the songs found in the first playlist are broken up in the second and third playlist by mood. Thanks to kittensnomittens for starting this thread on the REDDITORSINRECOVERY subreddit and for all of those who commented. Master Playlist Upbeat Mellow

Addiction Recovery Cookbook

Addiction brings a host of health and nutritional problems that need to be remedied as the individual begins their drug rehab and recovery process, but eating the right things can actually help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. As you or your loved one begins and continues on in the recovery process, use this recipe book […]

Drug Rehab Realities

Drug Rehab Realities: 5 Ways Addicted Loved Ones Will Try to Manipulate You Drug addiction destroys lives, damages relationships and devastates families. While a drug rehab center can offer the best solutions for recovery, addicts in denial will do or say just about anything to avoid treatment or to get out of treatment before they […]

Prevent Relapse with 5 Basic Steps

Addiction doesn’t have a cure. That’s why 70-year-old alcoholics with 40 years of sobriety may still consider themselves to be in recovery. Being sober involves a lot of work on yourself—work that doesn’t end once you walk out of a treatment center. Relapse is a constant concern for people in recovery. Remember that recovering [...]

10 Warning Signs Your Child Has an Addiction

Have you noticed strange behavior in your child that made you wonder, What if? What if my child is addicted to drugs? Teenagers are notorious for their challenges and sometimes volatility, but there are some key warning signs to help you determine if your child is going through a typical teenage experience or struggling through […]

Why Can’t People Just Quit their Addictions?

Why Can’t People Just Quit their Addictions? When Margie (not her real name) went in for knee replacement surgery, she was concerned about the amount of pain she would have. Fortunately, her doctor prescribed sufficient opiate pain medication to lessen much of her discomfort. However, the doctor gave her a prescription for 90 days. At [...]

Organized Support Groups

Organized Support Groups: A Place to Heal and Recuperate Many people feel extremely isolated when they’re trying to recover from something traumatic like an addiction or a tragic loss. The entire world seems to move on without you. People laugh as they walk down the street, your best friend chatters about the experience she had […]

Helping an Addicted Loved One

Why “Setting Your Loved One Down” is the Best Way of Helping an Addicted Loved One When you find yourself fighting desperately to save the life of someone you love, there is an overwhelming tendency to reach out and steer the course of his or her ship. You know he or she is suffering. You […]

New Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

The Phoenix Recovery Center Opens a New Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center (IOP) in South Jordan, Utah for Patients Seeking Rehab. South Jordan, Utah, March 18, 2014 – The Phoenix Recovery Center, providers of individualized rehab treatment programs for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, announced the grand [...]

Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Why Dual Diagnosis Therapy is Vital for Addiction Treatment Dual diagnosis—also known as “co-occurring disorders”—describes individuals who simultaneously suffer from mental illness and some kind of addiction, whether it be drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, or some other kind of behavioral addiction. The mental illness can either be a [...]

Phoenix Recovery Center

Welcome to The Phoenix Recovery Center At The Phoenix Recovery Center we believe every individual has immense value and worth. We offer, through intensive treatment, the opportunity to “Rise above Addiction”, helping them to realize their full potential once again. We offer 30, 60 and 90-day residential inpatient treatment options. [...]