Admissions Process

Assessment and Clinical Support

Often, one of the first concerns the family and those seeking recovery support ask is: “What level of care is needed?” Do we need alcohol and drug withdrawal support that requires us to pursue a detox center? Or, does an alternative drug rehab experience require inpatient/residential services, or will steps to recovery be best satisfied through outpatient services. What is essential in these questions is that both family members and those in recovery feel that the Utah Drug Rehab Center utilizes a standardized and professional assessment in order to make the best recommendation based upon medical necessity.

The most primary and essential feature of seeking recovery support is the standardized initial assessment. The initial assessment is made in order to determine what level of care is needed and best meets the patients circumstances. The assessment achieves this by identifying the multifaceted issues across a continuum from use, to abuse, to being chemically dependent. The five primary dimensions in the assessment are tolerance (e.g. it takes more of the drug to get the same results), withdrawal (e.g. to stop use will cause a physical and psychological response), drug seeking behaviors (e.g. regular interest and commitment neglected due to drug seeking), inability to regulate use (e.g. use more than what was intended), and continued use despite negative consequences.

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