Our Team

The Phoenix Recovery Center Team

The Staff at The Phoenix Recovery Center is passionate about total behavioral health in overcoming addiction or mental health disorders. They deeply care about each person who they work with. Often our alumni comment on the profound impact of our staff members in encouraging them on their path to living a fulfilling life. Those who come to The Phoenix Recovery Center can realize a rebirth of their own dreams as they achieve their own wellness, sobriety and much, much more. And that makes all the difference.




  • Alisiah McCardell, CSW
    Alisiah McCardell, CSW Therapist
  • Candice Berg, CSW
    Candice Berg, CSW Therapist
  • Daniel Barnes, SUDC
    Daniel Barnes, SUDC Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Lane, SUDC
    Lane, SUDC Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Treasa Lewis, ACMHC
    Treasa Lewis, ACMHC Therapist
  • Zach Autry, MA, ACMHC
    Zach Autry, MA, ACMHC Therapist

Program Team

  • Jake Ritchie
    Jake Ritchie Assistant House Manager
  • Soheila Shafiee
    Soheila Shafiee Client Support Coordinator
  • Whitney Dansie
    Whitney Dansie Client Support Coordinator


  • Gillian Bailey Admissions Manager
  • Austin Roderick
    Austin Roderick Admissions Coordinator
  • Amy Shafiee
    Amy Shafiee Admissions Coordinator
  • Mitchell Hall
    Mitchell Hall Admissions Coordinator

Billing & Utilization Review

  • Chellsea McClellan
    Chellsea McClellan Billing and UR Director
  • Tyler Sims
    Tyler Sims Billing & UR Specialist

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