Orem Utah Treatment Center

Orem Utah’s Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Treatment Center

Orem Utah’s Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Treatment Center

Our Orem, Utah outpatient drug rehab treatment facility was built specifically for individuals who desire to be free from drugs, alcohol or both, but have everyday obligations that prevent a long term residential commitment. If you’re a single parent, homemaker or care giver, or if you have job or other obligations that limit your time, then the Phoenix Counseling Center Outpatient treatment program is right for you.

Not all drug and outpatient alcohol rehab treatment centers in Utah are the same; this outpatient drug treatment center is based on the same fundamental drug and alcohol treatment philosophy as our inpatient services; each outpatient treatment program is personalized to meet a flexible schedule of each individual patient.

Addiction Recovery Programs Available at Orem, Utah Treatment Center

Individuals can stay at home and continue to work while they attend individually and in groups. This is referred to as “Intensive Out-Patient” (IOP) care and is covered under most health insurance plans. Individual counseling is tailored to each person based on their needs. Family and couples counseling is available to create a balanced recovery approach.

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The Phoenix Intensive Outpatient approach relies on proven methods that work. Some times residential treatment is not an option. Our customizable IOP program can be effective for the busiest people.

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If you are losing a loved one to addiction, don’t wait until it is too late.

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