Our Philosophy

dual-diagnosis approach
Our dual-diagnosis approach is grounded in providing evidenced-based substance disorder counseling, specialized psychotherapy, and drug and alcohol recovery programs. We offer ground-breaking counseling that address the underlying sources of addiction.


Rehab Programs

rehab programs
The Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Centers provide both outpatient and inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment programs. We believe every individual has immense value and worth. We offer drug addiction help, through intensive treatment, the opportunity to “Rise above Addiction”, helping them to realize their full potential once again.


Lasting Results

addiction recovery
It is our mission to provide a foundation for individuals to choose for themselves what works for their long-term addiction treatment program and sobriety. At the Phoenix, We have found there is a correlation between mental and physical health.


Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Addiction is a struggle for the individuals and families that it afflicts. Admitting the problem is the first step to recovery. Finding an effective drug rehab center is the second step. The Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Center is a utah drug rehab that offers both Inpatient and Outpatient services to treat addiction through individual therapies. We’re passionate about total behavioral health in overcoming addiction. We have an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program offering 30, 60, and 90 day treatment programs, and a state of the art outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program for those who need a flexible schedule. Our methods are effective, but more importantly we display the sympathy and toughness that’s required for patients to fully recover.

Whether you or a family member is suffering from dependence on cocaine, meth, heroin, oxycontin, or other prescription drugs, our 12 step program can be the gateway to a healthy mind and body. We’re the answer to the question of “My son/daughter is an addict. Where can I get help in Utah?” If you or your loved one needs help and is looking for a Utah drug rehab or treatment center, don’t wait until the problem gets worse; seek rehab treatment now.

Written Testimonials

There are no words to express how much you have done for me and my family. Your loving support and council has not only taught me how to live a clean and sober life, but has given me the tools I need to enjoy it. Read full testimonial

Wendy L.

To witness my son share what he was learning and the happiness he was experiencing with his progress in recovery could not have happened without the caring Professionals at The Phoenix. Read full testimonial


If there is anyone out there who is struggling with addiction and feels like all hope is lost.. There is a great program and opportunity at The Phoenix Recovery Center. Read full testimonial


If you have a struggling child I can tell you from personal experience that the Phoenix is a great place for them to get their life back. Read full testimonial