Residential Treatment

Individualized Treatment Programs for Mental Health Disorders

Residential Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

The Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Services provides excellent support to those who are challenged by or suffering from mental health disorders. If upon assessment it is determined that the patient requires residential treatment for stabilization, we support the patient in finding residential care with one of our community partners. We do NOT provide residential treatment for psychiatric stabilization.

Importantly, when we refer a patient to residential/inpatient treatment, we stay in close communication with the patient and treatment provider during their inpatient experience in order to ensure continuity of care as the patient returns to The Phoenix for Intensive Outpatient support. Communication with both the patient and treatment provider ensures the proper placement in the level of care upon residential discharge. Patients may enter the more intensive outpatient program receiving 25 hours of weekly support (Partial Hospital Program–PHP) or the less intensive 12 hours of outpatient support (Intensive Outpatient–IOP) upon discharge from inpatient care.

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