Krissi HutchinsExecutive Director

    Krissi was born and raised in Utah; and she graduated from Copper Hills High School. After 5 years of the usual “what do I want to do with my life” she accepted a job in which she stuck with for 8.5 years in the legal world and learned all things Compliance. As a single mom her time is consumed with caring for her 2 young children, “I wouldn’t change a thing!” In her spare time she enjoys reading and doing anything out in the sun. Having had a first hand experience with seeing how substance use and addiction can affect the families of loved ones she has had an interest and desire for being a part of the recovery process. “I honestly could not be luckier than getting the opportunity to be part of the Phoenix Team, I thoroughly enjoy seeing other people find their happiness!”

    Jeremy Bailey LMFT, Assistant Clinical DirectorLucas Robinson, Medical Director