Briana Petters, CSWTherapist

    Briana found her passion for psychology and psychotherapy early in her undergraduate degree while working as a supervisor in an adolescent treatment center for young women on the autism spectrum. She then pursued and completed her MSW from the University of Utah (Go Utes!) with an emphasis in mental health in May of 2017. Briana has worked in a variety of places and with many diverse clients including the Veteran Administration where she worked with the LGBTQ program, Sexual Assault survivors, and mental health outpatient. Briana has always had a passion for helping individuals at critical moments of their lives and has worked extensively with individuals impacted by trauma. Briana is drawn to a humanistic perspective and resonates with ACT, mind-body bridging, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness therapeutic practices. Briana is a passionate and driven social change and human rights advocate who is inspired by human resiliency and self-determination.

    Briana’s self care includes: spending time with her wife and dog, bikram yoga, taking a visit to the mountains, being on a beach, and traveling to places she has never been before.

    Candice Adair