South Jordan Treatment Center

Inpatient & Intensive Outpatient Rehab in Utah for Addiction Recovery & Mental Health

One of the most important decisions a person suffering from addiction or mental illness can make is seeking treatment. The Phoenix Recovery Center offers customized treatment tailored to fit your needs for both addiction recovery and mental health. Discover the various treatment options offered at our brand new facility strategically located in South Jordan, Utah.

Treatment Programs Available in South Jordan

The Phoenix offers programs backed by research and designed to fit your specific situation. Every effort is directed at supporting outcomes that prepare patients and their families with both the knowledge and applied behaviors to manage their addiction or mental health disorder and reclaim a meaningful life. Recovery services offered at our South Jordan facility include:

Inpatient Rehab Programs

At The Phoenix, we offer both inpatient treatment for mental disorders and inpatient drug rehab in Utah. An in-depth assessment will be completed to determine if the severity of substance abuse or mental health issues are severe enough to warrant an inpatient program. 

Just like many other inpatient programs, those in our programs will reside at the treatment center during the duration of their treatment. The 24-hour treatment will allow for patients to be treated around the clock care for problems that may arise while recovering. Other aspects of inpatient rehabilitation include psychiatric care, therapy, and education for both the patient and their support system.

There is no set time for recovery, and therefore, no set time the patient will reside at the facility. Our South Jordan center offers a 5th floor dedicated to inpatient treatment, giving residents ample flexibility and freedom on their journey to recovery. If you are looking for a program for inpatient drug rehab near you, The Phoenix Recovery Center is here to answer any questions you have while choosing a treatment center.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

The continuum of care at The Phoenix allows for patients to progress from inpatient care to monthly alumni meetings. One step in that process is outpatient rehab. Our outpatient rehab programs are made to work with you, so you can get the support you need while also maintaining their responsibilities outside of the center. As the patient continues to build upon their recovery education and resources, support derived from formal treatment decreases as they develop greater recovery and life skills.

Social Detox

The Phoenix is a licensed center for social detox. Those who are under the influence or withdrawing from drugs or alcohol will need to be detoxed before being admitted to any programs. This a non-medical detox. Social detoxification allows our patients to go through withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comfortable environment.

*In severe cases of addiction, the pain and discomfort of detoxification can be extremely dangerous and a medical detox will be necessary.

Phoenix Recovery Experience

Patients and families who engage in The Phoenix experience through our continuum of care, learn and develop both recovery and disease management skills. Moreover, patients and family members begin to identify, define, and achieve stability in their pursuit of a meaningful life. As a result, self-confidence embodies the emotional and cognitive condition of our patients and family members. Patients and their family members enjoy relationships that begin to be healed. They also celebrate the fact that dreams are being redefined through realistic applied behaviors that are motivated by meaning pursuits supported by recovery based support systems.

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