At The Phoenix Recovery Center, we work with our residents so that they can successfully resolve the addiction as well as any unresolved experiences and negative self-beliefs. In other words, we help them learn to deal with the addiction and also the root causes of the addiction. Additionally, we create the conditions so that they can learn how to develop a balanced and enjoyable life.
This includes:

  • Adequate sleep, good nutrition, daily exercise, and attention to health concerns
  • Active engagement in a 12 Step program patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar programs involving attendance at meetings, seeking a sponsor, and working through a work book
  • Participation in group counseling, emotional regulation groups, addiction education groups, and life skills training
  • Individual counseling for both mental health therapy and addiction counseling
  • Involvement in recreational activities

This approach has been the reason for The Phoenix Recovery Center’s much higher rates of addiction recovery. For those who are motivated to change their lives, the Phoenix program has proven to be an effective path for healing and true health.

Ultimately, we would like each person who comes to The Phoenix Recovery Center to create their own program for recovery, sobriety, and for an enjoyable, worthwhile life.

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