Diagnosable addictions are specified for gambling. Other mental health conditions, which have addictive like patterns of behaviors, include:

  • Problems with sexual behaviors such as pornography
  • Problems associated with injury to self (for example cutting or harmful hair-pulling)
  • Eating problems including anorexia and bulimia
  • Extreme anger issues

It should be noted that almost any repetitive activity could develop into addictive patterns that may become highly problematic. Common examples include too much physical exercise, excessive shopping, extreme thrill seeking, a compelling need to acquire wealth, prestige, or beauty, etc. Of course there is a need to distinguish between a person who spends unnecessary time working (a true workaholic) vice someone is motivated to get a promotion or an individual who must work two jobs out of economic necessity.

However, individuals who have addictive patterns of behavior also have underlying concerns and negative self-beliefs. Often these issues are not understood and they are exceptionally frustrating to the person as well as close family members and friends.

In almost every case individuals can be assisted in resolving underlying issues, creating constructive self-beliefs, building better relationships, and developing lives they want to live. Often the approach of The Phoenix Recovery Center has helped many overcome these issues and fully recover.

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