Wendy LyonsProgram Manager (Female Facility)

    I moved to Alpine Utah at the age of two and have remained here ever since. I came from a very large wonderful family, however, I was the “Black Sheep”. At age 17 I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol, which led me down a very dark path. Sixteen years later at age 33 I sought help. With the help of my mother and family I was able to check into treatment. I completed this 90 day in-patient & 90 day out-patient program. That experience not only gave me my life back, but reinvented my family structure as well. Today, I am a single, loving, responsible mother, raising two young beautiful children while working at The Phoenix Recovery Center full time.

    I love working at The Phoenix because I love being apart of the healing, changing and growing process. I also love showing people that there is Hope! Seeing a new clients eyes so dark and lonely, reminds me of where I once was, and how important recovery is. There is no reward greater than witnessing that change happen, the “LIGHT” turns on. Expect Miracles.

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