Michelle Butterfield, CMHCEMDR Therapist

    Mental Health Counselor

    Michelle was born and raised in the Wasatch. Before she shifted her career path to Mental Health Counseling, she enjoyed a satisfying 15-year career as a professional dancer/choreographer. Michelle believes underlying, frequently unconscious, limiting beliefs heavily influence the developed patterns and identities of individuals living with addiction. Additionally, she believes individuals suffering with mental health issues frequently rely on external information to reinforce their limiting beliefs, patterns, and identities. As a Mental Health Therapist, Michelle aims to shine the light on internal references to nourish healing. Michelle is a certified EMDR Therapist and this modality is useful in assisting her clients to address limiting underlying issues and to learn to seek guidance from their authentic selves. Michelle believes learning to connect with and embracing spirituality, acceptance, purpose, empathy, intention, intuition, forgiveness, and values-based living are fundamental for therapeutic healing, sustained recovery, and a thriving mind-body-spirit relationship.

    Michelle utilizes the following therapeutic modalities from a Holistic Multicultural framework:

      • EMDR Certified
      • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
      • 12-Step
      • Interpersonal Neurobiology

    Michelle is passionate about enjoying life’s natural highs! Dance, skiing, hiking, biking, surfing, yoga, spending time with her large family, reading, continuing education, and gardening are activities that bring her joy and fulfillment during leisure time.

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