Camille Robinson, A.S.U.D.C.Clinical Compliance

    While pursuing her own education earlier in her life, Camille progressed in her own substance use disorder, but in 1987 found a solution and has enjoyed 27 years in recovery. Camille has been privileged to serve as a substance use disorder counselor since 1993. She received her L.S.A.C. in 1999 and currently holds an A.S.U.D.C. She has had the opportunity to work in all capacities of the continuum of care: Intake and Assessment; Detoxification; Inpatient hospitalization; Residential treatment; Intensive Outpatient; Aftercare; Alumni Association Advisement; and Utilization review. While pursuing her education,

    Camille embraces the journey of recovery as a way of life. The construct of the 12 Steps is the foundation she offers in assisting each individual in accessing their innate value; ability; and identity. Learning to connect the head, to the heart, to the soul is a theme Camille relies on to support each individual’s experience in achieving a; ” To thine own self be true” lifestyle. Each intervention and group is designed to assist the “Aha” moment that reunites a member with clarity of self. Camille believes in, ” keeping it real, in order to heal” and is committed to contributing to The Phoenix Difference. Camille embodies enthusiasm, hope, compassion and an integral belief that every individual afflicted with a substance use disorder does not have to continue in the torment of this disease, instead they may receive a safe way to connect to life, love and laughter.

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