Alisa Sanford, CSWClinical Social Worker

    Alisa was raised in a small town in Idaho before moving to Utah to study Recreational Therapy at the University of Utah. Over the past 6 years, Alisa has pursued her passion of helping others in their journey and pursuit to find meaning and purpose. She has worked as a residential support staff in adolescent residential treatment, Recreational Therapist with adolescents and adults in a residential setting, and engaged in academic growth in the behavioral sciences. Alisa has continued her growth and knowledge by being a supportive body for individuals struggling with addiction and mental illness. In 2014, Alisa furthered her dream in helping others find their meaning and purpose as she began her Masters of Social Work program at the University of Utah. Alisa has a strong belief in an individual’s ability to overcome obstacles as she has worked closely with determined and resilient individuals. She is passionate about supporting individuals as they embark on their journey to psychological flexibility and freedom.

    Alisa enjoys engaging fully in life with her family, in nature, and in leisure and recreation. She enjoys biking, hiking, snowboarding, camping, and quality time spent with her family.

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