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Individualized Treatment Programs for Mental Health Disorders

General Outpatient Program for Mental Health Disorders

General Outpatient characterizes the step down from 12 hours of group a week in the IOP (e.g. Intensive Outpatient Program) down to what is deemed clinically necessary for the patient. Research indicates that the proper disease management support is critical in sustaining well-being, especially in the first year. To cut off necessary support too early in that first year often leads to emotional relapses. As a result, it is common to step individuals down from intensive levels of care to more moderate levels of care. Individuals continue to work with their individual therapist during the course of their General Outpatient experience.

Disease management and therapeutic experiences continue to support the patient to gain insight into their disease management as well as life pursuits and the corresponding stresses and coping skills required to be successful. Patients continue to experience the tailored blend of experiential experiences, therapeutic education and process groups combined with individual therapy providing the recovery support to assist the recovering person to manage mental health concerns and also engage in life pursuits.

As the patient continues to build upon their disease management and mental health concerns, therapeutic support derived from formal treatment decreases as they develop greater well-being and life skills. The developmental process of emotional stability and well-being is reflected in the patient building upon their social affiliations and community based recovery support. Additionally, the patient demonstrates they have identified and are actively pursuing life’s meanings in career, education, familial relationships and personal interest that they find meaningful.

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The Phoenix Intensive Outpatient approach relies on proven methods that work. Some times residential treatment is not an option. Our customizable IOP program can be effective for the busiest people.

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